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Ever wondered why Airbnb doesn’t help you set better prices for holidays, or show you how your property is performing compared to your neighbors? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the typical cleaning fee is for your type of place, or what the average occupancy rates are in your area. I’ve decided to fill the knowledge gap, grab the data, and answer all the question I’ve encountered running an Airbnb business over the past two years.

By collecting data from Airbnb and doing extensive analysis, I’ve been able to answer questions such as:

airbnb listings

  • Can I make more money by increasing my weekend rates?
  • What exactly is my neighborhoods high, mid, and low season?
  • Does charging a deposit lower my chances of getting bookings?
  • What is the average cleaning fee for a two bedroom apartment?
  • How many more inquiries will I receive with a 5 star rating vs. a 4 star rating?
  • What is average occupancy rate through the summer for my city?
  • What is the standard discount for week and month booking?

With this data I’ve been able to craft my listing, pricing, and fee’s to maximize my occupancy and daily price in order to run an efficient, optimized, and hugely profitable Airbnb business.

Live Data as of June 6th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 11.03.16 AM


As well as better understanding the big picture, I’ve gained countless insights into the pitfalls most host are falling into. Did you know that 66% of hosts in Los Angeles never change their daily pricing for holidays? Can you imagine how much revenue airlines would miss out on if they didn’t increase their prices around Christmas?  Can you believe that 21% of hosts don’t charge any type of cleaning fee?

With the new sharing economy comes an army of new micro-preneurs ready to realize huge benefits from big data.

What questions have you had about your property? Visit my blog page at and leave a comment.  I may just have the answer you’ve been looking for.















This report is just scratching the surface of what is possible.

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