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Big Data Now Available for Airbnb Micro-Entrepreneurs

Los Angeles based today announced the launch of AirDnA, a new analytics tool that provides performance data to Airbnb entrepreneurs.airdna

AirDnA (an acronym for Airbnb Data and Analytics) provides free data on over 150,000 Airbnb listings in nearly 1,000 cities across the United States. Using a Google map, users can select a state and zoom into their particular city of interest to uncover information such as: average nightly price, number of listings, guest reviews, and the availability of amenities such as air conditioning or cable TV. AirDnA paints a picture of how pervasive short-term rentals have become across the country. From the mountains of Aspen, Colorado, where the average price of the 48 available homes is $705 per night, to the coast of Lihue, Hawaii, where an average home goes for $138 a night. Exploring the presence of Airbnb across the 50 states provides a glimpse into the cost of staying in each town and how much micro-entrepreneurs are capable of earning by renting their own place.

For an additional fee (starting from $19.99), AirDnA provides sophisticated “city intelligence” reports for the more advanced user. By analyzing the performance of over 100,000 properties each week, the dynamic report creates neighborhood pricing guides, recommends reservation settings, and shares insights about the most successful Airbnb hosts.

“Hosts make dozens of crucial decisions when creating and pricing their Airbnb listing” says Scott Shatford, Founder of and author of The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook. “I developed AirDnA to set the standards and best practices for maximizing each properties earning potential.”

A former Sr. Director of Operations at Korn/Ferry International where he specialized in business intelligence, Shatford created AirDnA due to his own frustration finding a resource that helped hosts make data-driven decisions. “It took me two years of trail and error to increase my revenue by 20%. It should now take the typical host about 20 minutes to see the same results,” he says.

Come check us out! AirDnA – Free Airbnb Data & Analytics

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