The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook

I’ve received so much interest from friends and family on the success of my Airbnb ventures that I’ve written an entire Ebook on the subject called The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook – Secrets of a Six-Figure Rentalpreneur. I spent 6-months researching the sharing economy, Airbnb, and interviewing super hosts to create best practices for everything from interior design, pricing techniques, SEO and tax considerations. You can purchase the book through Amazon now for only $9.99.


One thought on “The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook”

  1. “You can purchase the book through Amazon now for only $9.99”

    Hmm – I checked Amazon, and they are listing it for 29.99 (hard for me to justify since I haven’t yet earned anything on Airbnb, and the budget is still very tight!)

    How do I get if for 9.99??


    Miriam (NYC)

    Please send reply to: (thanks for info!)

    (PS – I’m nervous to spend a chunk of money on anything b/c the NYC market is so saturated with hosts (from what I hear)…. I’m at the tip of Manhattan – in the city, yes, but not centrally located….)

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